#537HRH8BP Pro Half Rack

#537HRH8BP Pro Half Rack

Pro Power Rack


#537HRH8BP Pro Power Rack
Weights & Bars not included.

  • The weight pegs are angled up, covered with UHMW and rubber donuts to prevent scratching the painted surface.
  • Multiple position Chin Bar.
  • Black UHMW “J” style cuffs. (Sandwich Style Cuff)
  • Bar catches are lined inside to prevent scratching the uprights .
  • Rack design allows the user to perform lifts from the floor.
  • Complete bolted design allows for different color schemes.
  • Rack uprights have laser cut numbers for easy placement of the bar catches and spotters bars.
  • Spotters bars are 2 X 3 tubing and 1″ solid steel for strength and lined on the top to prevent scratching painted surface.
  • The flange design makes this rack as strong and stable as an all welded rack.
  • Vertical bar holder on back of rack.
  • Spotters Bar Holders on Pro Racks.
  • Rack can be used with or without a bench.

For bench use we recommend the #520FI Flat/Incline Bench.

Rack can be setup and used on a #579 Lifting Platform.

L – 48″, W – 66″, H – 93″